• CA Jazz Conservatory (map)
  • 2087 Addison Street
  • Berkeley, CA, 94704
  • United States

2 Seminars:


The Metronome is Your FRIEND

with Paul Mehling

July 8- for both:

Jazzschool Community Music School, Berkeley, CA   |   Show Map

11;30-1:30 This workshop focuses on various aspects of Gypsy jazz guitar in the tradition of the legendary Django Reinhardt. Topics include rhythm, picking, scales, arpeggios, chords, soloing, and more. One-on-one evaluation is available to all attendees, with a directed jam at the conclusion of the workshop, time permitting. Bring your instrument, recording device (or paper and pencil) and questions!


THE METRONOME IS YOUR FRIEND @ 2:00-4:00pm Returning with his hugely popular workshop for musicians and singers of all levels, Mehling demonstrates a range of practice techniques making creative use of the metronome. Improve your productivity and increase your musicianship! Open to all.


Guitarist Paul Mehling is the leader of the Hot Club of San Francisco.