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2 Seminars: https://cjc.edu/workshops/


The Metronome is Your FRIEND

with Paul Mehling


Jazzschool Community Music School, Berkeley, CA   |   Show Map

2:00-4:00pm This workshop focuses on various aspects of Gypsy jazz guitar in the tradition of the legendary Django Reinhardt. Topics include rhythm, picking, scales, arpeggios, chords, soloing, and more. One-on-one evaluation is available to all attendees, with a directed jam at the conclusion of the workshop, time permitting. Bring your instrument, recording device (or paper and pencil) and questions! https://cjc.edu/workshops/?eid=31243

THE METRONOME IS YOUR FRIEND @ 11:30-1:30pm Returning with his hugely popular workshop for musicians and singers of all levels, Mehling demonstrates a range of practice techniques making creative use of the metronome. Improve your productivity and increase your musicianship! Open to all.  https://cjc.edu/workshops/?eid=31244


Guitarist Paul Mehling is the leader of the Hot Club of San Francisco.